Weekend 1 Of Avalon Campground!

Weekend 1 Of Avalon Campground!

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Ah, Avalon Campground I have been waiting all year to come back counting down the months, then weeks, then days and now I’m finally here! Coming back wasn’t the only exciting part no no, there’s more. The first day at the pool, ice cream, and a special surprise…

In the beginning of this amazing weekend it started with the polar bear plunge! The polar plunge is when people gather around the pool on one of the first weekends, this means that the pool is FREEZING cold! When they come everyone who volunteers to do it jumps in the pool, into the freezing cold water. It is always so funny watching all of the adults and kids getting out as fast as they can before they freeze! Now comes the special surprise… A splash pad!! Watching the splash pad’s water run down is like watching rain run off of an umbrella! And it is perfect to go under on a hot day at the pool!

The polar bear plunge wasn’t the only thing that happened on this amazing weekend, in the evening is when it got really fun. We had ice cream at the ice cream truck, that Avalon Campground brings in often, which is a very special treat. When we got there the line was super long but it was worth it to get some yummy ice cream. Also there were hayrides, bingo, and crafts by the poolside and all out super fun stuff.

Later in the night we all gathered at the campfire and got nice and warm! We also roasted marshmallows and made s’mores, it was messy but sooo good! We also had a lot of laughs and funny stories about what we did over the winter.

I have waited all winter to come back to Avalon Campground and I can’t wait to make more memories and moments to share with friends. It might have been a long wait but now that the wait has come to an end I can relax and take it all in. Father’s day weekend will soon be approaching, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Until next time my friends! 🙂

By Hailey Jones

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