Weekend Two at Avalon Campground!

Weekend Two at Avalon Campground!

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This weekend was like no other! It was filled with fun, and adventure. I watched a horseshoe game, went in the pool for the 1st time this season, and lots more! I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Now, without further ado, here is my weekend!!

The first thing I did was go in the pool, but it wasn’t just any ordinary pool day it was my first time in the pool this season. In the pool area there are two pools, normally more people go in the bigger pool on the other side but I like to go in the other pool so I can have it all to myself! When I first went in, it was FREEZING!!! But after a while I got used to the water and had a great time! But that wasn’t the only thing about the pool… once in awhile the campground brings out a band and plays music by the pool, when they play the only thing you can see is people dancing around in and out of the pool or singing along to the songs!

And then came father’s day. The day before father’s day the campground had a card making activity for the kids to make cards for their dads. And after you made your cards they gave out donuts and orange juice! I made my dad a card and he LOVED IT!! So kids, if you want to make your dad a quick and easy card Avalon campground is the perfect place to do it!

Then one of my favorite parts… The horseshoe tournament!! At Avalon campground they hold a horseshoe tournament and people gather around with a partner and play horseshoes until there is a winner, even sometimes these games could last for hours! My mom and I went up to the game and watched my dad play. And some friends of ours were there also. We were cheering for everyone that played. When it was the end of the game my mom and I were cheering and screaming when my dad won 3rd place in the game!! It was really fun to watch.

Also in that weekend there was a bingo game for all ages. And the prize for that game was a free ice cream from Mr. Softee! I would have gone and had some ice cream but the line was so long it practically went to Rt. 9!! LOL. But it was ok in the end because I ended up getting Slim Jims and soda from the store. (Slim Jims are my favorite if you haven’t noticed) lol! There was also a hayride that night. The campground hayrides are one of the #1 favorite activities that everyone seems to love.

Now my favorite part… The 4th of July fireworks!! The Avalon boardwalk parking lot was PACKED, so we went on a road close enough and parked on the side of the road so we can still see the fireworks. Last year we went with our friends and had pizza and ice cream for dinner. This year we did that as well, but half the group went for the pizza and the other half stayed so we could save our spot. The funniest part about it was when they were waiting for the pizza the fireworks had already started!!!! By the time they had returned, the fireworks show was half over. But we still had an awesome time.

This weekend I’ve learned something. My writing has touched people and has changed not only my life but theirs, I have learned that the pen is mightier than the sword. Also next week I will be telling you about a special surprise… But you will have to wait to find out what it is, and trust me it will be exciting! I hope you all enjoyed my blog this week and I can’t wait to tell you about the next upcoming weekends. Until next time my friends! 🙂

-Hailey Jones

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