Weekend 4 of Avalon Campground

Weekend 4 of Avalon Campground

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Sorry I haven’t gotten anything out lately, I have been doing my summer assignment for school! But this weekend was super fun, and also really funny too!! I went to the beach, I tried a new flavor of ice cream, and the upcoming halloween weekend, and who will be going with me! I Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

This weekend I went to the beach, my dad built a beach wagon for me to get around the beach easier! 

BeachWagon   Once we got to the beautiful weathered, and the sandy beach we found a perfect spot not too far away from the ocean. Once we were settled my dad and I ran over to the ocean which was FREEZING at first, but once we were in, it was the perfect temperature! When we got use to the water we got in deeper and deeper! My dad sat in the sand and I wrapped my hands around his neck. Here comes the funny part! While I was holding his neck there was a huge wave coming our way “HERE COMES THE BIG KAHUNA!” Me and my dad kept saying as it came closer, once it hit us the water swept me off of my feet and I was still holding my dad’s neck! LOL!!! When the wave stopped, me and my dad were cracking up laughing the whole time! I had such a great time at the beach.

Then we went to a ice cream place close to our campground and got ice cream. The part that made me excited is that they had a cinnamon bun flavor, so I got that. The first lick I was in heaven!! It was so good!! By the time we were back at the campground it was halfway gone… And the campground isn’t even far away! LOL. I really enjoyed that ice cream it was delicious!

I am really excited for halloween weekend! What is halloween weekend you ask? It’s when people dress up and go trick or treating in the campground! I will be doing it with my little cousin Olivia! I’m not going to tell you my costume yet! It’s a surprise, DUN DUN DUNNN!!! How nice is that to get to go trick or treating twice a year!

I can’t wait to tell you about the things I will be doing next weekend and to tell you about halloween weekend! Until next time my friends! 🙂

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  • Lisa says:

    Sounds like a great day at the beach for you and your Dad!!
    I look forward to hearing all about Halloween and seeing your costume.

  • Joe says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your post

    I am looking forward to next weekend to see your costum for Halloween !!!
    Remember I will be out and about with my camera that night!!!

  • Cassie says:

    Seems like a fun day at the beach. Cinnamon bun ice cream? YUM.

    Look forward to seeing your Halloween costume

  • Brad Jacobs says:

    Hailey miss seeing you at Avalon I have been rather busy and unable to make the trip. Sue will be down week of 8/22 with her sister and niece hope you all can connect for some table top games! Take care loved the story on the trip to the beach I bet that was fun! especially when that big wave took you out Brad Jacobs

  • Marlene says:

    Hey Hailey, what a great story. I remember when I was little and went to the beach with my family. The best time was going in the water with my dad. He reminded me of a “fish”. Always diving and riding the waves. I wanted to be right there with him. Then when I got older, I wanted to surf with my older brother…I never really was very good at that. But you wrote about two of my favorite things…the beach and ice cream! I could stop for ice cream every time I pass a custard stand! Keep that blog coming…I love it!

  • Marge Walsh says:

    It’s a small world Miss Hailey! I’ve been searching for a park model trailer all summer ~ close to Stone Harbor/ Avalon and I stumbled upon this site. Seems as though you really like it there~ I may just have to come check it out! Best wishes as you start the new school year! Marge Walsh, OT

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