Weekend 3 Of Avalon Campground

Weekend 3 Of Avalon Campground

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Hi! Welcome back. I am so glad you’re here because I wanted to tell you about my special surprise I have for this week’s blog… I was invited to see Osprey birds last weekend! It  might seem like they are just birds but I personally am very interested by them because they are smart, they are nice to watch and… they’re really cute! Lol.


When I went on this fun jouOsprey-2rney we rode around in a boat to get to each nest where the birds were, every time we went to a nest the parents would fly away, but before they would leave, the parent would tell them to stay still and not to move while we put on the tags on their ankles. It was really nice because they wouldn’t try to squirm out of your arms if you held one, they would stay still when they were tagged,  just like they are supposed to do.


My dad was able to carry me up the ladder to see inside of one of the high nests. When I looked in the nest I saw two baby birds sleeping, but they were so big they looked like adult Ospreys!! Fun Fact!: did you know that Ospreys come to New Jersey in the summer and fly to Venezuela. That must be  hard on their wings!


While we were on this fun adventure we went on a boat, the boat ride was one of my favorite parts because it was really cool looking at the view of the ocean. It was also fun when we went super fast and tilted the boat right and left!! The boat ride was definitely a fun time! Not only that but I drove the boat!!! It was so fun!


I not only had a great time with the group of people that took me on that trip, I also had a great time with my dad and that trip was definitely memory making! Thank you everyone who took me on that fun adventure it was definitely a fun day and I will never forget it EVER!!! Until next time my friends! 🙂

-Hailey Jones


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