Seasonal Direct

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Avalon Campground will be using T.A.P. Tags, as a new way to keep in contact with our seasonal campers throughout the entire year.

T.A.P. Tags are a NFC chip enabled key chain that can display information with just a simple tap of a smartphone. Simply tap the key chain with your NFC capable smartphone, and important campground information will be displayed right on your phone.

The T.A.P. Tags will display Avalon Campground news, important dates to remember, and the activity schedule for the campground. The key chains will also provide information about local attractions and events.

For our seasonal campers, we will be using T.A.P. Tags to send out reminders to re-book and the annual lease documents.

T.A.P. Tags currently work with NFC capable Android and Windows Phones.  For our campers who use iPhones, the same information can be accessed via QR code. If you don’t already have a QR code reader, we recommend using Quick Scan.