Hailey’s Story

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Every summer it was the same thing, barbecues, pool parties, and water ice. It was fun but at the same time it got old. But one summer we were introduced to Avalon Campground through my dad’s friend. When we were there we got a taste of everything that they had there. When we went home we discussed, as a family if it was something that we wanted to do that can make our summers like never before, next thing we know we were looking at campers!

Of course my dad had to have a custom built camper with not only one but two air conditioners! The camper was built in Ohio and delivered to Avalon Campground. We finally got the phone call that it was being delivered that day so with no hesitation we left for the campground. Once we arrived the feeling of excitement rushed through my body, I couldn’t wait until they backed that big monster into its spot! Finally my dad got me out of the car and I saw our new home away from home.

We started our camper with the things that we packed, then after that we decorated! We decorated it with beachy things like pieces of coral, seashells in a jar, and we even made some crafts as decorations to put in it. My mom decorated the outside with flowers, plants and we even put in a barbecue. Later after that we cleaned out the back of the camper and made a campfire for our friends to come and eat some s’mores and socialize!

The first thing on our agenda was to go on a bike ride with me on my wheelchair, and my family on their bikes as we look at all of the sites and amenities. Then we checked out the other things that they had to offer like the arcade, the pool, the general store, and more! We were looking at the baseball field then we were told that there was a baseball game every Sunday for all ages. Now every Sunday we ride over to the baseball field to watch, even though that I can’t play I still love to watch it every Sunday!

One of my favorite parts about going to the campground is waking up in the morning and getting ready for the pool, but always putting on pounds and pounds of sunscreen on! At the pool sometimes they have an arts and crafts by the pool side for the kids to do some crafts or sometimes do challenges. I do them every time and they are always so much fun. Even sometimes they bring a band and they play some music and everyone dances around the pool and always has SO much fun. The pool is definitely a place to be!

There is more fun to be had when the sun goes down! When the sky turns black and the stars cover the sky all you see is the bright orange light on the trees on almost every sites from their crackling, warm campfire. When you go past sites with campfires the only thing you smell is the sweet smell of toasted marshmallows on an open campfire! Throughout the summer at nighttime Mister Softee would come on a hot night for people to enjoy a cold, tasty treat! They also have a candy hunt where they would hide a bunch of candy at the campground and the kids that go there have to find as much candy as they can. And the final and one of the most popular are the hayrides!

Me and my family have been at Avalon Campground for 3 years now and we have met lots of people that we now call friends, and we even see some outside of the campground. Avalon Campground has become a big part of our lives and it has brought a lot of excitement into our lives too. Avalon Campground is not only vacation… it’s our home away from home!

-Hailey Jones