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Avalon Campground Blog #5

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The past weekends have been SOOOO much fun!!! I went to the mini stores, I went to the beach to see the moon, and most importantly… HALLOWEEN IN AUGUST!!!! I can’t wait to tell you what I was and who my cousin and my friend was! And of course, how much candy I got.

This Halloween I was… A deer!! My costume was so much fun to put together, and my makeup was really cool! Done by my sister Lori, shoutout to you Lori!!! Lol. When I went trick or treating I went with my cousin Olivia, and my other friend from the campground Maddy! Olivia was a cat, and Maddy was a nerd. Their costumes were amazing, I loved them!!!

TrickOrTreat-2016  Trick or treating was really fun too, I rode around the campground in my scooter getting TONS of candy!!! I had such a great time dressing up and going around the campground in the amazing weather!

Near Avalon Campground there are a bunch of mini shops in the woodland village to buy stuff, and there’s a cafè! And i’m gonna be honest with you all… THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! The stores are super tiny and they have such cute stuff there. Anyways, the first store I went to was the soy candle shop! The soy candle shop is a great store, they use soy wax instead of regular wax so it is better for the environment. What I bought there was a hazelnut coffee scented candle, which smells delicious!!!! And pumpkin souffle scented wax melts.

Then I went to Jammin Jellies, at this store they have an assortment of jellies, jams, marmalades, butters, and even desserts!!! At that store I got orange marmalade, a honey stick, caramel apple butter, cherry jelly, and lemon filling to make mini tarts! There were a lot of stores that I went to, I think I ended up going to all of them! Lol!!!!! I love going on this girl’s day with my mom and my sister that we do once a year at the end of the season, but this time on our way back to the camper my mom was talking about the possibilities about us getting… A park model!

I guess we will have to see for next time!! Until next time my friends! :)

Weekend 4 of Avalon Campground

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Sorry I haven’t gotten anything out lately, I have been doing my summer assignment for school! But this weekend was super fun, and also really funny too!! I went to the beach, I tried a new flavor of ice cream, and the upcoming halloween weekend, and who will be going with me! I Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

This weekend I went to the beach, my dad built a beach wagon for me to get around the beach easier! 

BeachWagon   Once we got to the beautiful weathered, and the sandy beach we found a perfect spot not too far away from the ocean. Once we were settled my dad and I ran over to the ocean which was FREEZING at first, but once we were in, it was the perfect temperature! When we got use to the water we got in deeper and deeper! My dad sat in the sand and I wrapped my hands around his neck. Here comes the funny part! While I was holding his neck there was a huge wave coming our way “HERE COMES THE BIG KAHUNA!” Me and my dad kept saying as it came closer, once it hit us the water swept me off of my feet and I was still holding my dad’s neck! LOL!!! When the wave stopped, me and my dad were cracking up laughing the whole time! I had such a great time at the beach.

Then we went to a ice cream place close to our campground and got ice cream. The part that made me excited is that they had a cinnamon bun flavor, so I got that. The first lick I was in heaven!! It was so good!! By the time we were back at the campground it was halfway gone… And the campground isn’t even far away! LOL. I really enjoyed that ice cream it was delicious!

I am really excited for halloween weekend! What is halloween weekend you ask? It’s when people dress up and go trick or treating in the campground! I will be doing it with my little cousin Olivia! I’m not going to tell you my costume yet! It’s a surprise, DUN DUN DUNNN!!! How nice is that to get to go trick or treating twice a year!

I can’t wait to tell you about the things I will be doing next weekend and to tell you about halloween weekend! Until next time my friends! :)

Weekend 3 Of Avalon Campground

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Hi! Welcome back. I am so glad you’re here because I wanted to tell you about my special surprise I have for this week’s blog… I was invited to see Osprey birds last weekend! It  might seem like they are just birds but I personally am very interested by them because they are smart, they are nice to watch and… they’re really cute! Lol.


When I went on this fun jouOsprey-2rney we rode around in a boat to get to each nest where the birds were, every time we went to a nest the parents would fly away, but before they would leave, the parent would tell them to stay still and not to move while we put on the tags on their ankles. It was really nice because they wouldn’t try to squirm out of your arms if you held one, they would stay still when they were tagged,  just like they are supposed to do.


My dad was able to carry me up the ladder to see inside of one of the high nests. When I looked in the nest I saw two baby birds sleeping, but they were so big they looked like adult Ospreys!! Fun Fact!: did you know that Ospreys come to New Jersey in the summer and fly to Venezuela. That must be  hard on their wings!


While we were on this fun adventure we went on a boat, the boat ride was one of my favorite parts because it was really cool looking at the view of the ocean. It was also fun when we went super fast and tilted the boat right and left!! The boat ride was definitely a fun time! Not only that but I drove the boat!!! It was so fun!


I not only had a great time with the group of people that took me on that trip, I also had a great time with my dad and that trip was definitely memory making! Thank you everyone who took me on that fun adventure it was definitely a fun day and I will never forget it EVER!!! Until next time my friends! :)

-Hailey Jones


Weekend Two at Avalon Campground!

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This weekend was like no other! It was filled with fun, and adventure. I watched a horseshoe game, went in the pool for the 1st time this season, and lots more! I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Now, without further ado, here is my weekend!!

The first thing I did was go in the pool, but it wasn’t just any ordinary pool day it was my first time in the pool this season. In the pool area there are two pools, normally more people go in the bigger pool on the other side but I like to go in the other pool so I can have it all to myself! When I first went in, it was FREEZING!!! But after a while I got used to the water and had a great time! But that wasn’t the only thing about the pool… once in awhile the campground brings out a band and plays music by the pool, when they play the only thing you can see is people dancing around in and out of the pool or singing along to the songs!

And then came father’s day. The day before father’s day the campground had a card making activity for the kids to make cards for their dads. And after you made your cards they gave out donuts and orange juice! I made my dad a card and he LOVED IT!! So kids, if you want to make your dad a quick and easy card Avalon campground is the perfect place to do it!

Then one of my favorite parts… The horseshoe tournament!! At Avalon campground they hold a horseshoe tournament and people gather around with a partner and play horseshoes until there is a winner, even sometimes these games could last for hours! My mom and I went up to the game and watched my dad play. And some friends of ours were there also. We were cheering for everyone that played. When it was the end of the game my mom and I were cheering and screaming when my dad won 3rd place in the game!! It was really fun to watch.

Also in that weekend there was a bingo game for all ages. And the prize for that game was a free ice cream from Mr. Softee! I would have gone and had some ice cream but the line was so long it practically went to Rt. 9!! LOL. But it was ok in the end because I ended up getting Slim Jims and soda from the store. (Slim Jims are my favorite if you haven’t noticed) lol! There was also a hayride that night. The campground hayrides are one of the #1 favorite activities that everyone seems to love.

Now my favorite part… The 4th of July fireworks!! The Avalon boardwalk parking lot was PACKED, so we went on a road close enough and parked on the side of the road so we can still see the fireworks. Last year we went with our friends and had pizza and ice cream for dinner. This year we did that as well, but half the group went for the pizza and the other half stayed so we could save our spot. The funniest part about it was when they were waiting for the pizza the fireworks had already started!!!! By the time they had returned, the fireworks show was half over. But we still had an awesome time.

This weekend I’ve learned something. My writing has touched people and has changed not only my life but theirs, I have learned that the pen is mightier than the sword. Also next week I will be telling you about a special surprise… But you will have to wait to find out what it is, and trust me it will be exciting! I hope you all enjoyed my blog this week and I can’t wait to tell you about the next upcoming weekends. Until next time my friends! :)

-Hailey Jones

Weekend 1 Of Avalon Campground!

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Ah, Avalon Campground I have been waiting all year to come back counting down the months, then weeks, then days and now I’m finally here! Coming back wasn’t the only exciting part no no, there’s more. The first day at the pool, ice cream, and a special surprise…

In the beginning of this amazing weekend it started with the polar bear plunge! The polar plunge is when people gather around the pool on one of the first weekends, this means that the pool is FREEZING cold! When they come everyone who volunteers to do it jumps in the pool, into the freezing cold water. It is always so funny watching all of the adults and kids getting out as fast as they can before they freeze! Now comes the special surprise… A splash pad!! Watching the splash pad’s water run down is like watching rain run off of an umbrella! And it is perfect to go under on a hot day at the pool!

The polar bear plunge wasn’t the only thing that happened on this amazing weekend, in the evening is when it got really fun. We had ice cream at the ice cream truck, that Avalon Campground brings in often, which is a very special treat. When we got there the line was super long but it was worth it to get some yummy ice cream. Also there were hayrides, bingo, and crafts by the poolside and all out super fun stuff.

Later in the night we all gathered at the campfire and got nice and warm! We also roasted marshmallows and made s’mores, it was messy but sooo good! We also had a lot of laughs and funny stories about what we did over the winter.

I have waited all winter to come back to Avalon Campground and I can’t wait to make more memories and moments to share with friends. It might have been a long wait but now that the wait has come to an end I can relax and take it all in. Father’s day weekend will soon be approaching, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Until next time my friends! :)

By Hailey Jones