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Avalon Campground Blog #13

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s 2018, already! I hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted!!

Christmas Eve was at my mom-mom’s house, as it is every year. Christmas Eve is always fun especially since we all wore ugly Christmas sweaters! Lol. We also stuffed our faces with amazing food! We all sat and watched a movie together called The Lego Batman Movie, I definitely recommend it, it is amazingly funny! Then, later we ended the night with some hot chocolate AND whipped cream!

Christmas Day, was at my house with my family. They all came to my house and once again stuffed our faces with my mom’s amazing food (and desserts of course!) Christmas gives us a lot of time to catch up on things with our family. And have a lot of laughs of course!

Aside from Christmas, thank you everyone for commenting on my last blog! I’ve been thinking of starting to end my blogs with a question, like in the last blog when I said, “What is your favorite Christmas cookie?” I want to do this because I think that will give you guys a chance to interact more with my blogs, and have a lot more fun with them!

Once again I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Also, a happy New Year. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #12

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, but it’s December and you know what that means… Christmas! I am so excited for Christmas this year, these past couple weekends ago I went to a Christmas parade, put up my Christmas tree, and made plans for cookie day!

A couple weekends ago after Thanksgiving, there is a Christmas parade in my town. It’s a family tradition that we all get hot chocolate and go to the parade every year! We have never missed a year of the parades! Also, my cousin, aunt, and uncle always goes with us as well! Which is always fun! We made sure to get there very early so we could get a good spot, and we did. Once it started there were many beautiful lights, and characters like Deadpool, Spiderman, Paw patrol, Alvin and the Chipmunks and many more!

The parade was very fun and it gets better every year!A few days after the parade, me and my mom finally put up the Christmas tree. The day I have been waiting for since the week before Thanksgiving! Our Christmas tree is a green fluffed tree, with white twinkle lights, and the moment when we first put it up it really started to feel like Christmas.

Another family tradition, every year me, my mom, my sister, my mom-mom, my cousin, and my aunt all come to my house and make cookies. We do a shaped cookie, chocolate chip, and we choose a new one to make every year. It’s always fun to look on Pinterest and search new cookie recipes to find! So I am very excited to make cookies this year!

I am so stoked for Christmas, and making cookies soon! What is your favorite kind Christmas cookie? Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #11

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Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a good fall season so far.

Recently I started going to the orthodontist, and I got my spacers! So far it’s been going pretty good, a little pain in my teeth but I’ve been feeling a lot better! About a month ago, my dentist finally told me that I am ready to get braces. I started going to the orthodontist, I took a bunch of scans and molds and then we had to wait for a phone call. Once we got the phone call my mom and I had to go to the consultation.

When we went to the consultation, my orthodontist said that first I would have to get spacers for my teeth so they have enough room to put in my pallet stretcher, and then after I have my pallet stretcher I have to get four teeth removed. I have to get them removed because the places where they have to get removed have teeth in my gums that have not been able to come through yet. After that, I get my braces! So far I have gotten my spacers and I am really excited for braces because I have always had a gap between my two front teeth, and I am excited to get rid of it, LOL!

I also had my first NJHS meeting as a secretary! At my school there is a NJHS (aka National Junior Honor Society), all last year I was a member of the NJHS. I ran to become the secretary of the Executive Board and I won! So this year I am a secretary. Anyways, recently it was our first meeting until the 7th graders come into the group, and it went really well!

A lot of things have been happening at school and with the holidays as well! Thanksgiving is coming soon and Christmas! I’m already counting down the days LOL!

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!! Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #10

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s last days of summer were good, mine were. Where I live, recently there has been some “peeks” of fall weather so I am stoked for it to completely come to a head. After all, fall is my favorite season! Anywho, these past weekends have been so much fun! Halloween in August, the weather, and trying a new drink at the garden cafe.

One of the weekends were Halloween in August, I dressed up as… a watermelon!! Lol, me and my cousin dressed up together as fruit. My cousin was a grape, and I was a watermelon. The costumes were a lot of fun to make and we had tons of fun with getting all of the supplies to create this masterpiece! Plus, we got plenty of candy lol lol! I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s costumes and how they were made. Everyone did very well!

A couple weekends after it got really cool outside, which was great! I love that time of the season when it gets cool outside at the campground because then I can go to the cafe and get a nice, warm drink! Lol, I just love cool weather in general. Only because I can wear long sleeve shirts. A.k.a the most comfy clothes I’ve ever owned, LOL!

When I went to the little shops, something caught my eye, a poster on their window that said. “The pumpkin pie latte.” So of course the coffee obsession took over and I started drooling. I had to get one! I tried it and it was delicious!! 10/10 definitely recommend it!

I am not exactly sure what i’m going to be doing these next weekends, but the season is almost over! I don’t want it to end but I’m also really excited for next year! Also, I’m really excited for when the season ends because I’m gonna start posting after the season ends so you guys can keep up with me and what I’m doing during the holidays and more! Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #9

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great 4th of July vacation, I know I did! During the 4th of July I went to go see the fireworks at the Avalon Boardwalk, and there was a boat race down at the pool. Which of course I wanted to watch that!!

On the 4th of July, we went to the Avalon Boardwalk, when we got there we got our seats right away, since we got there early we had a great view of the fireworks! While we waited for them to start my friend and I went in the arcade, I got four stuffed animals! Lol. I have to admit the fireworks were a lot better than last year. There were different shapes and colors like a smiley face, and a hat! Once the fireworks were done on the way back to our cars our friend Greg played the “watch the train car please” on his phone! We were all cracking up laughing!!

Also during that weekend, there was a boat race by the pool, a campground activity where the kids would sign up to make a boat out of cardboard, and they have to try to make it across the pool to win! I was there to watch so I watched my friend and her parents make her boat! Once they finished making them it was time to hit the water!

Everyone got their boats lined up and once they started moving my friend’s boat sunk!! But once her boat sunk she just swam and pulled it behind her! she lost, BUT.. It doesn’t matter whether you win or not, it’s all about having fun and about the laughs! The person that won the race was a man that used the same boat that he uses every year! It looked like it was in such good condition, I was really impressed.

I had a lot of fun on 4th of July weekend, and I can’t wait for halloween in August. My cousin will be coming again! WOO! What will I be…. ? You’ll have to find out next blog! Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #8

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Hello everyone! So much happened over memorial weekend and last weekend as well and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I went to the car show, I went in the pool in the campground for the first time this season, and memorial weekend! I had so much fun and had a lot of laughs!

First was memorial weekend, we spent it with our friends from the campground. We didn’t do anything huge, we just hung out at the campfire together and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows! Also, we played cornhole a game where there are three holes on a board and you have to try to make the bean bags into the holes until one team gets to 21 points! It’s a really fun game. Then later that night after we played, my dad rang a bell and yelled, “TIME FOR CORNHOLE!!” Everyone started cracking up laughing! Lol.

Then after memorial weekend I went to the car show, the car show is an event that they do every year at Avalon Campground. Where they line up old time cars on the main road for people to look at and take pictures! I wanted to take pictures in front of the cars and they said, “go ahead go in it!” So I did, Even better!! So I took a bunch of pictures in the car and they were really cool, and the perfect size for me! Lol!!!

After that, I went in the pool. There were a lot of people in the big and deeper pool so that meant I could have the smaller pool to myself! Lol. Once I got in it was FREEZING!! But once I was in I got used to it fast.

I had a great time over memorial and last weekend! I’m already excited for 4th of July and it’s not even July yet! Lol! I hope you guys are too. Until next time my friends! :)

Avalon Campground Blog #7

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Hello everyone! It’s finally May, and you know what that means… Camper time! May is one of my favorite months because it means three things; spring, school ending, and SUMMER!! Once it’s summer I can finally go to the beach, the pool, and so much more! Also this past week I had my school cotillion! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!! Also opening weekend.

Opening weekend was awesome! I got to see thee final product of my new park model! It looks amazing and I already finished decorating it, full of beach themed and handmade decorations as well. The whole ride there I was jumping up and down from my car seat, I was sooo excited to get there. Once I got there I got to the deck as quick as I could, and it looked SO GREAT!! I’m really excited about how it turned out, and i’m loving having my own space to myself. So if you are ever passing the site G3, come say hello!! Lol

A few weeks ago was my 7th grade cotillion, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed putting my whole look together. Finding a dress was a very long but fun process, I looked online, went to different stores, and looked everywhere! At first there wasn’t much luck. But one of my mom’s friends told her about a place that was close from where we live called “David’s Bridal.” We went there one day after I had school and looked all around, we even had help from a designer. I was mainly looking for a two piece dress but when I was looking around it didn’t look like there were many my size, since I am pretty short. LOL! But then after looking for a while I found a short, blue, two piece dress. It. Was. Gorgeous! I went up to the designer that was helping us and I asked, “Do you have this in a smaller size?” She said no, but I still tried it on just to be sure, I loved it! But it was still too big. When I showed her that it was too big she said that they could do a rush alter. So we did! I had a lot of fun at cotillion, and I can’t wait for next year’s.

This coming weekend, is memorial weekend and there are going to be a lot happening. Hayrides, the polar bear plunge, art’s and crafts, and more! I can’t wait to do all of those and tell you all about them! Until next time my friends! :) P.S. Make sure to check out Mr. Softee, i’ll be in line!!

Avalon Campground Blog #6

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Hello everyone!! So it’s March, one of the slowest months ever (lol). It might be slow, but at least I have something to look forward to… Opening day! I am so excited for opening week at Avalon Campground. I am not going on opening day, but I am going the week after Easter so now I can count down the days. But anyways, last blog I mentioned a special surprise.

We got the park model!! WOOO!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it; we got a sneak peak of it in November.  Me and my sister get to decorate our rooms any way we want! Now that’s the best part. If you are as excited as I am, stay tuned for the next blog to see the full thing!

IMG_2495 IMG_2494 IMG_2496


I hope you all had a great holiday! I did. I got some decorations for my room at the camper, and even some things to make crafts to use as decorations. I also got… A Polaroid camera!! Now I will be able to take tons of pictures at the campground, for memories sake.

I am so excited for this year at the camper! I can’t wait to come back to that environment, where there are small stores, the pool, the beach, and slim jims! LOL!! I really do miss it. But it won’t be long until I’m finally back there! So I always say to myself, only one more month… only one more month.

My sister is going to be turning 16 this summer, and she will be getting her permit card to drive, so then me and her can drive anywhere around Avalon lol. Also, she can drive me to the beach whenever I want lol! But, all jokes aside I really am proud of her! Shout out to you Lori!!

Even though it isn’t April or summer yet, I am still looking forward to different things that I can do this year. I am really really REALLY excited for this summer. I hope you all are too. Until next time my friends :)


Hailey Jones 

Avalon Campground Blog #5

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The past weekends have been SOOOO much fun!!! I went to the mini stores, I went to the beach to see the moon, and most importantly… HALLOWEEN IN AUGUST!!!! I can’t wait to tell you what I was and who my cousin and my friend was! And of course, how much candy I got.

This Halloween I was… A deer!! My costume was so much fun to put together, and my makeup was really cool! Done by my sister Lori, shoutout to you Lori!!! Lol. When I went trick or treating I went with my cousin Olivia, and my other friend from the campground Maddy! Olivia was a cat, and Maddy was a nerd. Their costumes were amazing, I loved them!!!

TrickOrTreat-2016  Trick or treating was really fun too, I rode around the campground in my scooter getting TONS of candy!!! I had such a great time dressing up and going around the campground in the amazing weather!

Near Avalon Campground there are a bunch of mini shops in the woodland village to buy stuff, and there’s a cafè! And i’m gonna be honest with you all… THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! The stores are super tiny and they have such cute stuff there. Anyways, the first store I went to was the soy candle shop! The soy candle shop is a great store, they use soy wax instead of regular wax so it is better for the environment. What I bought there was a hazelnut coffee scented candle, which smells delicious!!!! And pumpkin souffle scented wax melts.

Then I went to Jammin Jellies, at this store they have an assortment of jellies, jams, marmalades, butters, and even desserts!!! At that store I got orange marmalade, a honey stick, caramel apple butter, cherry jelly, and lemon filling to make mini tarts! There were a lot of stores that I went to, I think I ended up going to all of them! Lol!!!!! I love going on this girl’s day with my mom and my sister that we do once a year at the end of the season, but this time on our way back to the camper my mom was talking about the possibilities about us getting… A park model!

I guess we will have to see for next time!! Until next time my friends! :)

Weekend 4 of Avalon Campground

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Sorry I haven’t gotten anything out lately, I have been doing my summer assignment for school! But this weekend was super fun, and also really funny too!! I went to the beach, I tried a new flavor of ice cream, and the upcoming halloween weekend, and who will be going with me! I Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

This weekend I went to the beach, my dad built a beach wagon for me to get around the beach easier! 

BeachWagon   Once we got to the beautiful weathered, and the sandy beach we found a perfect spot not too far away from the ocean. Once we were settled my dad and I ran over to the ocean which was FREEZING at first, but once we were in, it was the perfect temperature! When we got use to the water we got in deeper and deeper! My dad sat in the sand and I wrapped my hands around his neck. Here comes the funny part! While I was holding his neck there was a huge wave coming our way “HERE COMES THE BIG KAHUNA!” Me and my dad kept saying as it came closer, once it hit us the water swept me off of my feet and I was still holding my dad’s neck! LOL!!! When the wave stopped, me and my dad were cracking up laughing the whole time! I had such a great time at the beach.

Then we went to a ice cream place close to our campground and got ice cream. The part that made me excited is that they had a cinnamon bun flavor, so I got that. The first lick I was in heaven!! It was so good!! By the time we were back at the campground it was halfway gone… And the campground isn’t even far away! LOL. I really enjoyed that ice cream it was delicious!

I am really excited for halloween weekend! What is halloween weekend you ask? It’s when people dress up and go trick or treating in the campground! I will be doing it with my little cousin Olivia! I’m not going to tell you my costume yet! It’s a surprise, DUN DUN DUNNN!!! How nice is that to get to go trick or treating twice a year!

I can’t wait to tell you about the things I will be doing next weekend and to tell you about halloween weekend! Until next time my friends! :)