Avalon Campground Blog #7

Avalon Campground Blog #7

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Hello everyone! It’s finally May, and you know what that means… Camper time! May is one of my favorite months because it means three things; spring, school ending, and SUMMER!! Once it’s summer I can finally go to the beach, the pool, and so much more! Also this past week I had my school cotillion! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!! Also opening weekend.

Opening weekend was awesome! I got to see thee final product of my new park model! It looks amazing and I already finished decorating it, full of beach themed and handmade decorations as well. The whole ride there I was jumping up and down from my car seat, I was sooo excited to get there. Once I got there I got to the deck as quick as I could, and it looked SO GREAT!! I’m really excited about how it turned out, and i’m loving having my own space to myself. So if you are ever passing the site G3, come say hello!! Lol

A few weeks ago was my 7th grade cotillion, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed putting my whole look together. Finding a dress was a very long but fun process, I looked online, went to different stores, and looked everywhere! At first there wasn’t much luck. But one of my mom’s friends told her about a place that was close from where we live called “David’s Bridal.” We went there one day after I had school and looked all around, we even had help from a designer. I was mainly looking for a two piece dress but when I was looking around it didn’t look like there were many my size, since I am pretty short. LOL! But then after looking for a while I found a short, blue, two piece dress. It. Was. Gorgeous! I went up to the designer that was helping us and I asked, “Do you have this in a smaller size?” She said no, but I still tried it on just to be sure, I loved it! But it was still too big. When I showed her that it was too big she said that they could do a rush alter. So we did! I had a lot of fun at cotillion, and I can’t wait for next year’s.

This coming weekend, is memorial weekend and there are going to be a lot happening. Hayrides, the polar bear plunge, art’s and crafts, and more! I can’t wait to do all of those and tell you all about them! Until next time my friends! 🙂 P.S. Make sure to check out Mr. Softee, i’ll be in line!!

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  • Jason Garrison says:

    You must be so excited that the camping season is back in session. Have a great summer!

  • Matt Rubcich says:

    Finally going to the beach! You’re 100% right about that!

  • Cassie says:

    Dress shopping can be hard, i’m glad you found one you loved!

    Have a great time camping this summer 🙂

  • Maya Irincheva says:

    Next year you should go and check this store Dress to Impress in Linwood. They have beautiful dresses! Hope your summer camping season is filled with lots of fun!

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