Avalon Campground Blog #5

Avalon Campground Blog #5

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The past weekends have been SOOOO much fun!!! I went to the mini stores, I went to the beach to see the moon, and most importantly… HALLOWEEN IN AUGUST!!!! I can’t wait to tell you what I was and who my cousin and my friend was! And of course, how much candy I got.

This Halloween I was… A deer!! My costume was so much fun to put together, and my makeup was really cool! Done by my sister Lori, shoutout to you Lori!!! Lol. When I went trick or treating I went with my cousin Olivia, and my other friend from the campground Maddy! Olivia was a cat, and Maddy was a nerd. Their costumes were amazing, I loved them!!!

TrickOrTreat-2016  Trick or treating was really fun too, I rode around the campground in my scooter getting TONS of candy!!! I had such a great time dressing up and going around the campground in the amazing weather!

Near Avalon Campground there are a bunch of mini shops in the woodland village to buy stuff, and there’s a cafè! And i’m gonna be honest with you all… THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! The stores are super tiny and they have such cute stuff there. Anyways, the first store I went to was the soy candle shop! The soy candle shop is a great store, they use soy wax instead of regular wax so it is better for the environment. What I bought there was a hazelnut coffee scented candle, which smells delicious!!!! And pumpkin souffle scented wax melts.

Then I went to Jammin Jellies, at this store they have an assortment of jellies, jams, marmalades, butters, and even desserts!!! At that store I got orange marmalade, a honey stick, caramel apple butter, cherry jelly, and lemon filling to make mini tarts! There were a lot of stores that I went to, I think I ended up going to all of them! Lol!!!!! I love going on this girl’s day with my mom and my sister that we do once a year at the end of the season, but this time on our way back to the camper my mom was talking about the possibilities about us getting… A park model!

I guess we will have to see for next time!! Until next time my friends! 🙂

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  • Marlene Catanoso says:

    Hey Hailey! I love your new blog! Good job! I do think it will bring more campers here for the Halloween weekend! Also, your plug about Woodland Village is perfect! I also love shopping over there, but my favorite shop is the cheese shop. I go in when I’m hungry to sneak samples! Don’t tell them! Take care Hailey, have a great GREAT winter. I’m so glad you are settling in to your new school! See you soon,

  • Lisa says:

    Great post Hailey! Your costume was sooo cute and it sounds like you had a fun filled “Halloween” weekend! Also love that you had a special girl’s day with your Mom and sister. Have a great winter and we look forward to more of your posts in the spring!!

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