Avalon Campground Blog #11

Avalon Campground Blog #11

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Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a good fall season so far.

Recently I started going to the orthodontist, and I got my spacers! So far it’s been going pretty good, a little pain in my teeth but I’ve been feeling a lot better! About a month ago, my dentist finally told me that I am ready to get braces. I started going to the orthodontist, I took a bunch of scans and molds and then we had to wait for a phone call. Once we got the phone call my mom and I had to go to the consultation.

When we went to the consultation, my orthodontist said that first I would have to get spacers for my teeth so they have enough room to put in my pallet stretcher, and then after I have my pallet stretcher I have to get four teeth removed. I have to get them removed because the places where they have to get removed have teeth in my gums that have not been able to come through yet. After that, I get my braces! So far I have gotten my spacers and I am really excited for braces because I have always had a gap between my two front teeth, and I am excited to get rid of it, LOL!

I also had my first NJHS meeting as a secretary! At my school there is a NJHS (aka National Junior Honor Society), all last year I was a member of the NJHS. I ran to become the secretary of the Executive Board and I won! So this year I am a secretary. Anyways, recently it was our first meeting until the 7th graders come into the group, and it went really well!

A lot of things have been happening at school and with the holidays as well! Thanksgiving is coming soon and Christmas! I’m already counting down the days LOL!

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!! Until next time my friends! 🙂

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Comments ( 2 )

    • Lisa says:

      Happy Fall Hailey!! Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff going on! Congrats on being elected secretary of the NJHS. Just being a member of the NJHS is a great accomplishment but to hold a position on the Executive board is fantastic.
      Your excitement for your braces is very admirable, most people (myself included) are a little less excited about any trip to the dentist/orthodontist. Good luck with your procedures, with your positive attitude I’m sure everything will go great!
      Have a very Happy Thanksgiving & Christmas with your family.

    • hailey says:

      Thank you so much! Happy thanksgiving to you too 🙂

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