Avalon Campground Blog #10

Avalon Campground Blog #10

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s last days of summer were good, mine were. Where I live, recently there has been some “peeks” of fall weather so I am stoked for it to completely come to a head. After all, fall is my favorite season! Anywho, these past weekends have been so much fun! Halloween in August, the weather, and trying a new drink at the garden cafe.

One of the weekends were Halloween in August, I dressed up as… a watermelon!! Lol, me and my cousin dressed up together as fruit. My cousin was a grape, and I was a watermelon. The costumes were a lot of fun to make and we had tons of fun with getting all of the supplies to create this masterpiece! Plus, we got plenty of candy lol lol! I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s costumes and how they were made. Everyone did very well!

A couple weekends after it got really cool outside, which was great! I love that time of the season when it gets cool outside at the campground because then I can go to the cafe and get a nice, warm drink! Lol, I just love cool weather in general. Only because I can wear long sleeve shirts. A.k.a the most comfy clothes I’ve ever owned, LOL!

When I went to the little shops, something caught my eye, a poster on their window that said. “The pumpkin pie latte.” So of course the coffee obsession took over and I started drooling. I had to get one! I tried it and it was delicious!! 10/10 definitely recommend it!

I am not exactly sure what i’m going to be doing these next weekends, but the season is almost over! I don’t want it to end but I’m also really excited for next year! Also, I’m really excited for when the season ends because I’m gonna start posting after the season ends so you guys can keep up with me and what I’m doing during the holidays and more! Until next time my friends! 🙂

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