Avalon Campground Blog #17

Avalon Campground Blog #17

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Hi everyone! This blog is a little bit of an update of what I will be doing the next couple weeks and weekends, which also is kind of a sneak peak of what will be in the next blog! But anyways, I am really looking forward to these next few weeks and weekends! I’m going to the beach for the whole day, I’m helping my mom-mom and pop-pop move, going to the boardwalk, renting a boat, and other things!

We will be going to the beach A LOT during vacation! My dad got a new wagon to get me on the beach and it’s electric.. So it will make it a lot easier to get around the beach. Also, we will be staying there for the whole day! I’ve never done that before so i’m really excited for it. So for the next blog I will make sure to take some good sunset pictures!

Also during vacation, my family and I will be going to the boardwalk. But, for a certain thing… Henna tattoos! I love henna’s! I got one last year and I am obsessed with them, so I am getting one again! And their lemonade, of course.

We will also be renting a boat! We have always wanted to rent a boat to go fishing, crabbing, etc! My dad is a big fisher so he was definitely on board with this idea. Also, with the boat we will be going to dinner, which will be really fun. I will make sure to take pictures while we do that too!

During vacation, we will also be helping my mom-mom and pop-pop unpack their things from their old house to their new one! I’m really excited for them because they have been wanting to move for awhile now, and I am very happy for them!

I am really looking forward to vacation, and I’m planning on taking a lot of pictures of everything!! I hope you’re excited too! Until next time my friends. 🙂

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  • Marlene Catanoso says:

    Hey Haley! Maybe I’ll get Joe to take a day off and we will join you on the beach! That would be a first for us to be on the beach together during the summer. But I’m sure being with you and your family would make it all the more fun!

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