ACG and T.A.P. Tags

Avalon Campground introduces T.A.P. Tags, a new way to communicate with campers through NFC chip technology.

Starting this week, Avalon Campground will distribute T.A.P. Tag key chains to all of their guests upon check in. The key chains, enabled with state of the art NFC chips, will allow campers to display important information on their smartphones with a simple tap of the tag.

The T.A.P. Tag key chains will display campground activity schedules and information about fun attractions and things to do in the area.

Information displayed from the T.A.P. Tag key chains will be updated in the near future to take you to the new Seasonal Direct page.  In the meantime, practice using your T.A.P. Tag with your smart phone or tablet.  Use them to read the latest Avalon Campground newsletter, and to send reservation requests in for the following season.

Avalon Campground is excited to embrace this new technology, and give an interactive mobile experience to their campers.

To learn more about NFC chip technology and T.A.P. Tags please visit

For Android/Windows Phone Users: Go to your phone settings and make sure NFC Settings are turned on (Click Here for more info).

For iPhone/iPad Users: Use a QR Scanner app to scan the QR Code.  We recommend Quick Scan.